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DoppelgängeR «Creeper Fest-1. Butleg»

NMR001 DVD, Date: 06.06.2010

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DoppelgangeR. DVD Creeper Fest-1. Butleg. NMR001. 06.06.2010
1. Fear And Tears And Hope
2. Cinnamon Yard
3. Buddha Is My Shelter
4. In The Rich Of The Dying Sun
5. Vivo
6. In The Box
7. Out Of Rain
8. 8&8
9. I Am Not Going To Listen To You Now!!!
10. All The Dreams Of Saturn Are Burning Me Down
11. We Are More Than Dead

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Re-release DVD-butleg of 2007 with DoppelgängeR's show in Lithuania. Band performed in Vilnius in the club Mulen Ruzas at festival Creeper Fest with groups such as: Cinema Strange (USA), All Gone Dead (UK), Miguel And The Living Dead (Poland), Voices Of Masada (UK), Daddy's Dolls (Lithuania).

DVD is a bootleg in all its glory, with appropriate sound and image, and therefore is intended exclusively for real fans DoppelgängeR, burdened by a thirst for collecting. In addition to the concert, you will find at DVD beautiful images from this concert to the accompaniment of songs from the album Saturnian Rings (2006).

DVD re-released in a new design.


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