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DoppelgängeR «Dancing»

NMR003 MP3, Date: 12.24.2010

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DoppelgangeR. CD MP3 Dancing NMR004 12.24.2010
1. Leaves
2. Looser
3. Killing Machine
4. 10 Years
5. Pain Of Feelings
6. Angel Song
7. Dancing Goodbye
8. Bloody Solution
9. City Of Sin
10. Slavery Moon

+ bonus
11. Winter's Misery (Blizzard rmx by Requiem for FM)

Re-release of the fourth DoppelgangeR's album. Originally the album was released in 2005 on the label «Shadowplay Release».

On this release, fans of the gloomy and sublime just be able to stop his attention. Clockwork, motor gothic rock with an emphasis on guitars, some places looks like a canonical The Sisters Of Mercy and no canonical Zeraphine. Vocals, which clearly dominates all others, is strongly reminiscent of The Marrionettes and a little Funhouse.

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