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DoppelgängeR «...Desire Lost Forever?»

NMR002 MP3, Date: 08.31.2010

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DoppelgangeR. CD MP3 ...Desire Lost Forever? NMR002 08.31.2010
1. The Cold
2. Winter's Misery
3. Kiss To My Last Breath
4. Immortal Lady
5. Sins Of October
6. Untitled Dream #13
7. My Invisible Touch Of Your Heart
8. Greed
9. True Romance

Re-release of the third DoppelgängeR's album. Originally the album was released in 2003 on the label «Misteria Zvuka» and was a great success.

Music is a classic rough gothic rock in the best traditions of Sisters of Mercy. The album's quite diverse material - there are energetic hits such as Kiss To My Last Breath, My Invisible Touch of Your Heart, The Sins Of October and midtempo, very stylish The Cold, Untitled Dream and semi-ballad Winter's Misery. Grease guitar riffs, precise rhythm section and background keys.

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